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Player Types & Entities

(Enum) Player Type

'unknown', 'regular', 'ironman', 'hardcore', 'ultimate'

(Enum) Player Build

'main', 'f2p', 'lvl3', 'zerker', 'def1', 'hp10', 'f2p_lvl3'

(Enum) Player Status

'active', 'unranked', 'flagged', 'archived', 'banned'

(Enum) Country

'AD', 'AE', 'AF', 'AG', 'AI', 'AL', 'AM', 'AO', 'AQ', 'AR', 'AS', 'AT', 'AU', 'AW', 'AX', 'AZ', 'BA', 'BB', 'BD', 'BE', 'BF', 'BG', 'BH', 'BI', 'BJ', 'BL', 'BM', 'BN', 'BO', 'BQ', 'BR', 'BS', 'BT', 'BV', 'BW', 'BY', 'BZ', 'CA', 'CC', 'CD', 'CF', 'CG', 'CH', 'CI', 'CK', 'CL', 'CM', 'CN', 'CO', 'CR', 'CU', 'CV', 'CW', 'CX', 'CY', 'CZ', 'DE', 'DJ', 'DK', 'DM', 'DO', 'DZ', 'EC', 'EE', 'EG', 'EH', 'ER', 'ES', 'ET', 'FI', 'FJ', 'FK', 'FM', 'FO', 'FR', 'GA', 'GB', 'GD', 'GE', 'GF', 'GG', 'GH', 'GI', 'GL', 'GM', 'GN', 'GP', 'GQ', 'GR', 'GS', 'GT', 'GU', 'GW', 'GY', 'HK', 'HM', 'HN', 'HR', 'HT', 'HU', 'ID', 'IE', 'IL', 'IM', 'IN', 'IO', 'IQ', 'IR', 'IS', 'IT', 'JE', 'JM', 'JO', 'JP', 'KE', 'KG', 'KH', 'KI', 'KM', 'KN', 'KP', 'KR', 'KW', 'KY', 'KZ', 'LA', 'LB', 'LC', 'LI', 'LK', 'LR', 'LS', 'LT', 'LU', 'LV', 'LY', 'MA', 'MC', 'MD', 'ME', 'MF', 'MG', 'MH', 'MK', 'ML', 'MM', 'MN', 'MO', 'MP', 'MQ', 'MR', 'MS', 'MT', 'MU', 'MV', 'MW', 'MX', 'MY', 'MZ', 'NA', 'NC', 'NE', 'NF', 'NG', 'NI', 'NL', 'NO', 'NP', 'NR', 'NU', 'NZ', 'OM', 'PA', 'PE', 'PF', 'PG', 'PH', 'PK', 'PL', 'PM', 'PN', 'PR', 'PS', 'PT', 'PW', 'PY', 'QA', 'RE', 'RO', 'RS', 'RU', 'RW', 'SA', 'SB', 'SC', 'SD', 'SE', 'SG', 'SH', 'SI', 'SJ', 'SK', 'SL', 'SM', 'SN', 'SO', 'SR', 'SS', 'ST', 'SV', 'SX', 'SY', 'SZ', 'TC', 'TD', 'TF', 'TG', 'TH', 'TJ', 'TK', 'TL', 'TM', 'TN', 'TO', 'TR', 'TT', 'TV', 'TW', 'TZ', 'UA', 'UG', 'UM', 'US', 'UY', 'UZ', 'VA', 'VC', 'VE', 'VG', 'VI', 'VN', 'VU', 'WF', 'WS', 'YE', 'YT', 'ZA', 'ZM', 'ZW',

(Enum) Achievement Measure

'levels', 'experience', 'kills', 'score', 'value'

(Object) Snapshot Data Values

skills: {
attack: {
metric: "attack",
ehp: number,
rank: number,
level: number,
experience: number // (can be a long/bigint)
// ... etc for all skills
bosses: {
abyssal_sire: {
metric: "abyssal_sire",
ehb: number,
rank: number,
kills: number
// ... etc for all bosses
activities: {
bounty_hunter_hunter: {
metric: "bounty_hunter_hunter",
rank: number,
score: number
// ... etc for all activities
computed: {
ehp: {
metric: "ehp",
rank: number,
value: number
// ... etc for all computed metrics

(Object) Snapshot

idintegerThe snapshot's unique ID.
playerIdintegerThe snapshot's parent player ID.
createdAtdateThe snapshot's creaton date.
importedAtdate?The date at which the snapshot was imported at.
dataSnapshot Data ValuesThe exp / kc / rank / etc values for each skill, boss, activity and computed metric.

(Object) Player


Not to be confused with Player Details, which extends Player.

idintegerThe player's unique ID.
usernamestringThe player's usernam. (lowercase 1-12 characters)
displayNamestringThe player's display name, very similar to username, except it supports capitalization. (1-12 characters)
typePlayerTypeThe player's account type. (Default: unknown)
buildPlayerBuildThe player's account build. (Default: main)
countryCountry?The player's country of origin.
statusPlayerStatusThe player's account status. (Default: active)
patronbooleanThe player's patronage status (subscribed to our Patreon)
explong (bigint)The player's overall experience.
ehpfloatThe player's (skilling) Efficient Hours Played.
ehbfloatThe player's Efficient Hours Bossed.
ttmfloatThe player's Time to Max (all 99s), in hours.
ttm200mfloatThe player's Time to 200m All, in hours.
registeredAtdateThe player's registration date.
updatedAtdate?The player's last successful update date.
lastChangedAtdate?The player's last change (gained exp, kc, etc) date.
lastImportedAtdate?The date of the last CML history import.

(Object) Player Details

extends Player

combatLevelintegerThe player's combat level.
archivePlayerArchive ?The player's archive. (only applicable to archived player profiles)
latestSnapshotSnapshot ?The player's latest snapshot.

(Object) Achievement

playerIdintegerThe parent player's ID.
namestringThe achievement's description/name.
metricMetricThe achievement's metric (Ex: agility).
measureAchievementMeasureThe achievement's measure (Ex: experience).
thresholdlong (bigint)The achievement's threshold. (Ex: 13034431)
createdAtdateThe achievement's creation date.
accuracylong? (bigint?)The achievement's creation date's accuracy (aka the margin of error, in milliseconds).

This value is the number of milliseconds between the "before" and the "after" snapshots, the lower this number is, the more certain we are that the createdAt date is accurate.

Note: This number can be null if the achievement hasn't been recalculated since the addition of this field. It can also be -1 on achievements with unknown dates.

(Object) Achievement With Player

Used in endpoints where the resource context is not the player (ex: group achievements).

extends Achievement

playerPlayerThe membership's player.

(Object) Player Achievement Progress

extends Achievement


Although this type mostly extends from Achievement, please note that createdAt now becomes nullable, as null createdAt dates signify that the achievement has not been yet been achieved.

currentValueintegerThe player's current value for that achievement's metric (& measure)
absoluteProgressfloatThe player's current progress (0-1, with 1 being 100%) towards an achievement.
relativeProgressfloatThe player's current progress (0-1, with 1 being 100%) towards an achievement, starting from the previous achievement for that metric and measure.

Example: At 30M agility exp, you'd be (absolutely) 60% of the way to the 50M agility achievement, but since the previous achievement is 13M (99) agility, you're (relatively) at 46% between 99 agility and 50M agility.)

(Object) Timeline Datapoint

valuenumberThe player's value for a specific metric, at a specific point in time.
ranknumberThe player's rank for a specific metric, at a specific point in time.
datedateThe date at which the datapoint was recorded.

(Object) Player Archive

playerIdintegerThe parent player's ID.
previousUsernamestringThe player's previous username (before the archival)
archiveUsernamestringThe player's placeholder username (after the archival)
restoredUsernamestring?The player's new username (after restoration)
createdAtdateThe archive's creation date.
restoredAtdate?The archive's restoration date.

(Object) Player Archive With Player

extends PlayerArchive

playerPlayerThe archive's player.